Free Carfax Report Online – How to Obtain It

Use vehicle history reports @ $9.99 per report.┬áIt’s like a Carfax report but costs less.


  • Negotiate with the car dealer. These member dealers can purchase Carfax reports at a discounted amount. Obtaining inexpensive or sometimes free reports is going to be easily accessible for member dealers. Hone your negotiation skills. Any car dealer worth her salt wants to do what it takes to get the sale. If the final sale is contingent on getting a free CARFAX report, consider the report in the bag (the free bag).

  • Search for a car by using the CARFAX used car database. In addition to providing used car history report, CARFAX also compiles a database of cars for sale. Each of the cars in the database offer free CARFAX reports just by clicking on the link entitled “free CARFAX Vehicle History Reports.” Each car in the database has the CARFAX Buyback Guarantee. In other words, if the vehicle has title problems such as salvage, junk, flood or lemon title, they will buy the vehicle back.

  • Find dealers that belong to the CARFAX online member dealership program. Dealers that participate in the program are able to obtain CARFAX reports at a discounted price. It is much easier to get a discounted or even free CARFAX report form member dealers. Check out the CARFAX Online site and insert your zip code. It will bring up all dealers in your area that are members of the program. Once you find them, search their inventory and negotiate a discounted or free CARFAX report.